Sunday, April 19, 2015

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  • The dairy and milk items are full of carbohydrates, so you should never use them.
  • The white bread, white rice and flower pasta are also responsible for developing the condition more severe among diabetic patients.
  • The eggs and meat contain bat fats, so you can always replace them with fito proteins. These include beans, setian and legumes, etc. You should try eating these twice a days to get your blood sugar levels to the normal state. The bean types like French, azuki and haricot are the ones which help regulation of blood sugar, so they are considered an effective remedy. Apart from these, fish is also considered good!
  • The vegetables like garlic and onion are considered one of the best treatments for diabetes.
  • Try to increase use of fruits, vegetables and different types of salads. If you don’t want to eat food directly, you can use their juices which are full of vitamins and nutrients. Always refrain from using artificial, chemical and preserved items. The best way is to use the organic items.
  • The grain food such as oats, millet, wheat, rye, amaranth can help to regain the proper functioning of your body.
  • Add healthy fats like nuts, olive oils, or peanut butter to your meals for rich flavor without the sugar and bad fats.
  • For non-obese patients with type 2 diabetes, Sulfonyl urea will likely be your doctor’s first choice, followed by Biguanides. Insulin therapy will be followed if the first choices weren’t totally sufficient to make your disease stable.
  • Never use refined carbohydrates as they are not good for health. These include cookies, chocolates, cakes, breakfast cereals and most importantly the soft drinks.
  • There are some good fats present in oils such as raw nuts, pumpkin seed oil and olive oil.